Saturday, July 21, 2012

100 SOULS kickstarter ends SUNDAY

Hello Art Fans!

This is the last weekend to make a pledge to the "100 SOULS project, an art book from Steven Russell Black." We have been fortunate enough to have reached our funding goal, so this book will be going to the printers!

Just because we have reached our funding goal does not mean the opportunity to back this project is closed out. In fact, now that we know we are going to print this is the best time to make a pledge on a project you know is going to be realized.

Before starting this project we did a lot of research to ensure that the rewards we offered were comparable for the pledge amount asked for. And even after we launched we continued to see what others are offering. We may be biased (in fact, we are!), but we think a signed/numbered limited edition hardback book for just $25 shipped (within the U.S.) is one of the best bargains on the entire KICKSTARTER site. Our only rival being a $45 signed/numbered/sketched limited edition hardback book. We would also like to emphasize these prices are lower KICKSTARTER incentive prices and will be increased (plus shipping) once the unclaimed books get listed on NSNart.

As of this writing, there are only two slots remaining to get a painted ASCENDED SOULS through the project. So, what are you waiting for!

I know not everyone reads the updates, so we would like to highlight three items from there that you may have missed;

1) We are giving away a PAINTED SKETCH CARD to the highest pledge of the day. So, with this project ending tomorrow, only two more painted sketch cards will be given away. And in case of a tie, the earliest pledge gets the painted sketch card.

2) If any backer leaves us a comment saying they heard about this project from a friend/colleague, we will give that person a free sketch card when we mail out their book.

3) Mr. Bob Bretall, has already taken us up on the offer and has earned himself a free card. Bob has in fact offered to send $5 to anyone that backs the project at the $25 level or higher( ). So, that $25 pledge will actually only cost you $20, for a hardcover collection of the 100 SOULS project. THAT is indeed a deal! Thanks for your support, Bob! (*hint* even if you don't know Bob you can still use him as a reference so he gets a card and you get the $5 *hint*)

To support the 100 SOULS project, visit KICKSTARTER:

We have under two days left, please continue to spread the word and share the link.

We promise, after Sunday We will quit bugging you about this (c:

And a HUGE thanks to those that have already shown their support and made this project a success!

Steven Russell Black
Hart Rieckhof
Michael DeLeRee

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