Monday, June 30, 2014


  The READING RAINBOW KICKSTARTER PROJECT is great and all. But what are you gonna put in front of your nose once you get all of your phonics organized in your brain?  The choice should be obvious, ARSENIC LULLABY's The Devil's Only Friend KICKSTARTER
  When it comes to ARSENIC LULLABY I think most folks fall in to one of three categories. The first category are those that have been following the work of Douglas Paszkiewicz for some stretch during his 12+ years as a comic book professional. During those years you know that Douglas has been publishing his own comics, his way, and been a regular at any comic convention worth attending. It comes as no surprise to you that he has been nominated for several industry awards, including the Eisner and Harvey. You’re also aware of his 6 years working for MAD Magazine and his recent writing contribution to Comedy Central’s TRIP TANK. You are also probably one of the 251 backers (as of this writing) that have already pushed the current Kickstarter project well beyond it’s goal and helped the FIRST ARSENIC LULLABY KICKSTARTER get double it’s goal. 
  The second group has heard about all of the above, but is still on the fence about jumping on the A.L. bandwagon. Any one element of the above should tell you this is a book you need to have on your shelf. But it obviously isn’t, since you’re still on the fence. Let me put it this way, if you read comics there is absolutely NO REASON NOT to back this project.  For $10 ( thats a trip to a fast food restaurant or your local cafe or two banal comics from “the big two”, YMMV) you can back this project and get a PHYSICAL copy of the comic.  I’ve seen a lot of kickstarter project where you don’t start to get anything until you pledge $25+ for a 24 page COMIC BOOK!  Douglas does it right. $10 gets you a comic delivered to your door. No tax, no shipping and handling add ons. Go to your local comic shop and see how far $10 will get you.  Not to mention, as of this writing (251 backers at $9724) EVERYONE that has pledged $5 or more is getting 3 trading cards, a parking pass and drink coaster. And the more people you and I get to join the more stuff we get. That $10 is taking you a LONG WAY now, isn’t it? Do me a favor, when you go to your LCS and put all of that stuff on the counter and hand the owner $10 to pay, make a video so I can see him laugh in your face. What’s READING RAINBOW going to give you for $10? a tweet and wallpaper for your computer (probably in the wrong ratio)
The third group are those that know Douglas and DON’T like him. This is the group that should be pledging the most! Why is that? Because with every pledge we get that much closer to the next stretch goal. Why is this important? Each stretch goal we reach is another project Douglas has to do, another headache he has to contend with, more money out of his pocket. Your pledge may very well be the one that makes him say, “I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!” That is something you should be proud of.
So, there you have it. EVERYONE should be making a pledge soon. If you don’t get in now you’re gonna end up paying $14.95, plus tax and shipping to someone smarter than you. You don’t want to do that, do you?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pre-Order NORSE from James LeMay

Now taking pre-orders for James LeMay's comic NORSE.
Anyone that pre-orders the DELUXE EDITION is entered into a drawing to win an original page from the book.

Go to to place an order.