Saturday, June 23, 2012

100 SOULS KICKSTARTER program is now LIVE!

Hello everyone! I have a new project that I hope you can help support with a pledge amount (even if it’s only $5). Rewards for pledges range from a Sketch Card to an original color painting by Steven Russell Black!


"Eyes are the window to the soul. This group of work is about presenting 100 of them. 100 drawings capturing the essence of 100 souls." - Steven Russell Black

Steven Russell Black, Hart Rieckhof and NSNart have collaborated to bring you the first volume of the BLACK MARKET series. 100 SOULS will be a 6" x 7" hard cover book collecting all 100 drawings of the SOULS. It will also include 9 ASCENDED SOUL paintings done just for this book. There will also be notes/comments about each SOUL from Steven.

Thanks for your support!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christopher Herndon commission schedule open

Hello art fans,
Christopher Herndon asked me to help get the word out that he has a break in his schedule and would like to take on some commissions.
Anyone that has seen one of Chris’ commissions knows that he ALWAYS puts in the extra effort to make an amazing piece for his customers. Since Chris will be starting back up with his regular art gig, these will all be done in a very timely manner.
Fully inked commissions are only $150. And if you are unfamiliar, a quick search on ComicArtFans will reveal what this talented guy can do for you.
Send an email to “ “ and Chris will be more than happy to get started on your project.

new WET MOON page from Ross Campbell

New WET MOON page from Ross Campbell -


new HOPELESS, MAINE page from Tom Brown -

Friday, June 15, 2012

FREE Steven Russell Black art give away

FREE ART GIVE-A-WAY TONIGHT. Steven Russell Black has three drawings he will be GIVING AWAY. Two will be given away tonight and one tomorrow night. Details to follow, but the contest for the first piece begins at 8PM Pacific! Be here to get in on the action.

Art will be given away on this page -

Monday, June 11, 2012

New this week on NSNart

Hello Art Fans,
New pieces added to NSNart this week include:
- As always, several new pieces from Steven Russell Black's "DRAWING A DAY" series. For those that haven't been following these daily pieces, you are really missing out. Steven calls them his daily sketches, everyone else calls them fully rendered, beautiful drawings. And for those that like to participate in KICKSTARTER projects, NSNart will begin running one in a couple of weeks to partially fund Steven's first art book.

- New pages from the IMAGE comics "GLORY" re-launch by Ross Campbell. I uploaded pages from issues 23(the first issue of the re-launch) through issue 27. If you remember the cheesecake GLORY series from the 90s and haven't checked out the re-launch because of that let me say, "This IS NOT the GLORY series from the 90s." The title and numbering are the same, and that is all. Joe Keating and Ross Campbell have taken this title and made it completely their own.

- A new cover from Nick Runge for IDW's KISS series. If you're a fan of the band, this cover IS IT. It features all four of the original members in the photo-realistic style Nick is known for. Nick also reduced the prices on his painted ANGEL covers and his AVENGERS painting(I told him he was crazy for doing that!).

- A nice Mary Jane pin-up from Kevin Townson. This cure redhead s made even cuter under Kevin's skilled hands.

- A splash page from WALKING DEAD. These pages keep getting hotter and harder to find.

New items -

Until next week, thanks for looking.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

New this week on NSNart

Hello Art Fans,
I'm back from the Phoenix Comic con and getting back into the routine of posting more fantastic art for the discerning collector.

New this week is:
As always, new pieces from Steven Russell Blacks "DRAWING A DAY" project.
Several pieces from the "100 SOULS" project that are new to the site. These pieces are what's left from a gallery exhibit held earlier this year. This project will soon be collected in to a limited edition book. KICKSTARTER program coming soon!
Pages from the IMAGE comic's GLORY relaunch by Ross Campbell. This IS NOT the cheesecake comic of the 90s you may be familiar with! 

and finally, not 'new', but Nick Runge has adjusted the prices on several of his incredible covers!

Thanks for looking, and remember, PREMIUM COMICARTFANS members get a discount on EVERY purchase.

New Items can be seen here -

Mike DeLeRee