Monday, June 11, 2012

New this week on NSNart

Hello Art Fans,
New pieces added to NSNart this week include:
- As always, several new pieces from Steven Russell Black's "DRAWING A DAY" series. For those that haven't been following these daily pieces, you are really missing out. Steven calls them his daily sketches, everyone else calls them fully rendered, beautiful drawings. And for those that like to participate in KICKSTARTER projects, NSNart will begin running one in a couple of weeks to partially fund Steven's first art book.

- New pages from the IMAGE comics "GLORY" re-launch by Ross Campbell. I uploaded pages from issues 23(the first issue of the re-launch) through issue 27. If you remember the cheesecake GLORY series from the 90s and haven't checked out the re-launch because of that let me say, "This IS NOT the GLORY series from the 90s." The title and numbering are the same, and that is all. Joe Keating and Ross Campbell have taken this title and made it completely their own.

- A new cover from Nick Runge for IDW's KISS series. If you're a fan of the band, this cover IS IT. It features all four of the original members in the photo-realistic style Nick is known for. Nick also reduced the prices on his painted ANGEL covers and his AVENGERS painting(I told him he was crazy for doing that!).

- A nice Mary Jane pin-up from Kevin Townson. This cure redhead s made even cuter under Kevin's skilled hands.

- A splash page from WALKING DEAD. These pages keep getting hotter and harder to find.

New items -

Until next week, thanks for looking.


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