Monday, March 5, 2012


Hello Art Fans,
As a collector of original comic art for many years I’ve built several websites, using some free hosting site or another over the years to try and share my collection. I became aware of soon after it was launched, but didn’t sign up. Why? I already had a great site to display my art on, set up the way I liked. I could post anything I wanted, however I wanted. It was perfect. Then in 2005 I came to my senses and joined CAF.
ComicArtFans has done more for the original comic art hobby than any other single website, to include eBay which has devolved into a horrid mess. But I digress. I’d say CAF has done more for the original comic art hobby than any other 10 website you can think of. And because of this I want to see CAF continue to grow and evolve as it has in the 7 years I have been a member. So early on I became a Premium Member. The benefits far outweigh the minimal cost. And if I can contribute a small sum to continue to enjoy CAF, I’m happy to skip a couple of trips to some greasy fast food place throughout the year, and probably better off for it.
Now that I’ve got a website of my own, with quite possibly the best original art you have ever laid eyes on, I tried to think of another way to support CAF and everything they do for our hobby. I approached Bill Cox with an idea, he liked it, and here we are. I am proud to announce that is the first(and only as of this writing) original art website to offer 5% OFF of ANY purchase to ANY collector that has a PREMIUM GALLERY OWNER. If you’ve been a PREMIUM GALLERY OWNER for many years you get 5% OFF any purchase, Any day. If you get a PREMIUM GALLERY tomorrow you get 5% OFF any purchase, any day.
It’s simple and easy to use. When making a purchase request, simply enter your PREMIUM GALLERY URL and get the discount. It’s that easy.
Thank you,
Mike DeLeRee

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