Monday, February 20, 2012

NSNart 25% OFF Sale

Hello Art fans,
NSNart is entering it’s fourth and final week of the 25% OFF SALE. As of this writing, there are 576 pieces listed on the NEW ITEMS page ( ). New pieces are going up daily, so if you haven’t been back since my last announcement you have plenty to see. I just received 100+ pages I am trying to get listed before the end of the month! And remember, even items that are “NEW” or “Fresh To Market” are still included in the 25% OFF SALE (Discounts are not reflected on the NEW page, however. You must click an item to see the discounted price.)
And be sure to visit the ARTISTS PAGE ( ). NSNart prides itself in bringing you some of the best art from artists you have never heard of, but we also carry a wide variety of art from the ladies and gentlemen you already have an affinity for.
Thank you for visiting,
Mike DeLeRee

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