Wednesday, September 21, 2011

$20 Commissions from STEVEN RUSSELL BLACK

Artist STEVEN RUSSELL BLACK has started a new project titled "100 SOULS" He is committed to doing 100 portraits focusing on the eyes. Of the project, Steven says, "Eyes are the window to the soul. And this group of work is about presenting 100 of them. 100 drawings capturing the essence of 100 souls"

Steven is willing to do a portrait from a reference picture of your choice (you, a family member, friend, ect) for a mere $20 (with shipping, about $26 in the U.S.).

He is currently up to #23, so "only" 77 spots are left. But at this low price point, and a turnaround time of under 1 week, I don't expect them to last long.

you can see examples of Steven's work in his ETSY store -

or blog -

Tell him Mike sent you and you may get head of the line privileges, or last in line, depending on how he feels about me at the time (c:

Other artwork from Steven can also be seen(and PURCHASED) on


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